Todd Graff

“M. A. Silva has been instrumental, ensuring that their production line runs smoothly, without any compromises on quality or consistency.”

As the winemaker behind Frank Family Vineyards, crafting exceptional wines isn’t just a passion—it’s a commitment to excellence.

Every bottle tells a story, an amalgamation of dedication, skill, and quality. Yet, behind the scenes, there’s another crucial element: the vessel that holds these liquid narratives—the glass.

When Frank Family Vineyards first chose M. A. Silva as their glass supplier almost two decades ago, the company’s reputation for premium quality caught their attention. They needed a glass that would not only complement but elevate the experience of enjoying Frank Family Wines. There’s no room for compromise in an industry where perception is paramount.

“Frank Family Vineyards’ labels are meticulously screen printed onto the bottles, so any imperfection—no matter how minor—could tarnish the perception of the wine, The bottle isn’t even making it off the shelf into the consumer’s basket if the packaging looks cheap.”

With M. A. Silva, they found not just quality glass but a sense of security. The supplier’s unwavering commitment to stringent quality control ensures that each bottle meets their clients’ exacting standards, free from any defects that could detract from the overall experience. But quality alone isn’t enough; reliability is equally essential. When other glass suppliers faced shortages and delays, M. A. Silva stood firm, demonstrating consistency in a volatile market.

“Their proactive approach, forging global partnerships to secure the supply chain, instills confidence that we will always have access to the glass I need, precisely when I need it,”

– General Manager and Winemaker Todd Graff

As Frank Family Vineyards’ business has grown and evolved, so has their reliance on M. A. Silva. With the transition to larger machinery under new ownership, the need for precision has never been greater. Every bottle must be uniform, every dimension exact—a reliable delivery of efficiency that requires seamless coordination.

“In this regard, M. A. Silva has been instrumental, ensuring that their production line runs smoothly, without any compromises on quality or consistency.”


Yet, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Frank Family Vineyards’ partnership with M. A. Silva is the supplier’s unparalleled customer service. Time and again, they have gone above and beyond to meet their needs, no matter how demanding or last-minute they may be. Graff has countless stories of the sales support team at M. A. Silva dropping everything to rush over a batch of stock in the back of their car, demonstrating that their production line never missed a beat. This level of dedication makes Frank Family Vineyards feel truly valued.

It’s this level of dedication that sets M. A. Silva apart. In an industry where relationships matter as much as the product itself, they have become not just a supplier but an indispensable ally in Frank Family Vineyards’ pursuit of excellence. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service is a testament to their ethos—a dedication to helping their clients succeed, one glass bottle at a time.

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