About Us

We are an innovative, sustainably driven manufacturer of cork and glass,
rooted in putting our customers and employees first.

“Our investment in new technology is an investment in our customers. M. A. Silva’s ongoing research and development ensures that our packaging solutions are best in class.”

Neil Foster, President and Co-Founder

M. A. Silva USA is the leading and award-winning manufacturer of premium corks, glass, and packaging for North American markets. It is our mission to demonstrate impeccable integrity, consistent customer service, and continuously commitment to upholding sustainable and eco-friendly operations.

M. A. Silva USA was established in 2000 by cork industry experts, Neil Foster and Manuel Alves Silva Sr., founder of M. A. Silva Portugal, a family-owned and operated company with a 50-year history of wine cork manufacturing. These two leaders identified winemakers’ need for a clean, reliable source for corks. Together they acted on their vision to deliver a dependable, vertically integrated and consistent supply of wine corks to the North American wine industry, meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations.

In 2010, Neil Foster recognized customers’ needs for an on-time delivery of high quality glass bottles from a trusted supplier. This drove him to expand M. A. Silva USA’s product line to include a variety of glass bottles by creating a business that manages manufacturing and quality control at the source.

M. A. Silva continues to grow and establish itself as a leading industry supplier through proven delivery of a variety of cork stoppers, along with proprietary glass molds that guarantee consistent quality. Today, M. A. Silva USA provides the perfect solution for cork and bottles. Reliable. Perfect. Proven.

Reliable. Perfect. Proven. 

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