Commitment towards sustainability is a part of us.

At M. A. Silva we have the privilege of working daily with one of the most extraordinary raw materials on the planet. Cork is completely natural, reusable, and recyclable proving that the use of cork products contributes to a more sustainable world.

A recent study by independent consulting KPMG International found that the carbon footprint of all M. A. Silva cork stoppers is negative.

The study considered all stages of the production process, taking a cradle-to-gate approach, which included: raw material extraction, treatment, production, and finishing. Subsequently, an analysis was carried out that also included the distribution phase.

Calculation Model

In addition to the already known benefits of using cork stoppers in wines, the negative carbon footprint of our cork stoppers contributes to reducing our customers’ carbon footprints. By actively contributing to the sustainability of cork oak forests, we are enhancing carbon sequestration.


Accounting for carbon sequestration resulting from cork oak forests.


Emissions resulting from the use of energy in the production centers.


Emissions from the use of combustion-propelled vehicles.


Emmissions resulting from the production and transportation of chemical materials

Forest Methodology

Winemakers, winegrowers, and wine specialists now have more reasons than ever to choose M. A. Silva’s cork stoppers.

M. A. Silva USA was the first California cork supplier to join the ClimateSmart ™ program and receive the Green Business certification. Our beliefs in sustainability are shown through our actions, and are proven through the quality of our cork stoppers, the partnerships we build, and our contribution to an increasingly greener world. M. A. Silva is dedicated to protecting the environment, and helping our customers do the same.

Approach: Carbon sequestration per area (ha) of forest -> 73 ton CO2/ ton cork.

“Over the last 10 years Rombauer Vineyards has relied on M. A. Silva to deliver high quality and consistently neutral corks for all of its wines. Meticulous attention to detail from the cork forest to the finished cork is evident every time.”

Richie Allen, Winemaker
Rombauer Vineyards

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