Glass Bottles

We ensure the quality of our glass with onsite inspections to every lot of molds produced. Our glass and cork will make your bottling line experience easy.


Offered in nine proprietary mold sizes, our premier Bordeaux style bottles have weights ranging from 500g – 1000g. Classic glass colors include Antique Green, Dead Leaf Green, and Flint. To meet your various glass needs, we offer an array of light, medium and heavy weights, with finishing options for both cork and screwcap.


Our Burgundy glass options include twelve proprietary molds. To meet your various glass needs, we offer an array of light, medium and heavy weights, ranging from 550g-1200g. Cork and screwcap finishes are available, as well as color options for Antique Green and Flint.


Our proprietary Hock mold, called Tolima, is available in clear Flint glass.


For those producing sparkling wines, our proprietary Chani mold makes a statement in Champagne Green glass.

Custom Molds

Custom molds are available. Please contact us directly for more information.

"Quality assurance and keeping up with industry standards in vital in the wine industry – this is where M. A. Silva exceeds expectations. They also continually work with us to keep our bottom line in mind and stay cost efficient. Knowing you can absolutely rely on a company to deliver quality products and have the latest industry knowledge is a comfort you simply can’t put a price on. They stand behind their word and I know they will take care of my company and needs.”

Greg Stach, Winemaker
Landmark Vineyards


M. A. Silva has its own proprietary molds which are not public.

We offer customizable molds to fit your desired design in bottle sizes 375ml, 750ml, 1.5L, and 3.0L.

M. A. Silva has developed over 30 proprietary glass molds to meet customer desires for their wine. On an annual basis, we import 30+ million bottles, with multiple manufacturing sources. All glass bottles produced by M. A. Silva are made up of 48% recycled content, without compromise to purity or quality.

Quality Control

All bottles go through a series of inspection processes to ensure reliable perfection. A 24/7 onsite QC team ensures the bottles are flawless long before they reach our customers.

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