We offer several types of natural and technical cork options. Our most popular and recognized is our Natural cork selection. No other natural product offers this combination of visual appeal, neutrality, and consistent sealing qualities.


Natural wine corks are preferred for all types of wine, aging periods and bottle formats. Our innovative sterilization processes support the integrity and neutrality of our cork.

Silktop Technical

Our Silktop Technical corks provide the appearance of natural cork, and undergo the SARA process for further enhanced integrity and neutrality. Steam and pressure-treated agglomerated cork granules with a high quality natural cork disk at each end. Only FDA food-grade bonding agents are used on our technical and agglomerated corks.


Pearl Micro-agglomerated corks are produced from steam and pressure treated, uniformly-sized micro-granules. Same feel of real cork and meets the same quality standards as our natural and technical wine corks. Pearl Prestige begins the same as the Pearl corks, but with an additional steam cleaning process that further reduces TCA levels to below 0.5 ng/L. Only FDA food-grade bonding agents are used.


Micro-agglomerated cork body with two disks of solid natural cork that comes in contact with the wine. Individually molded composite body consistently meets stringent visual and mechanical standards giving it the highest level of physical integrity.

Beer Top

Bring a luxury look to your beer bottles with M. A. Silva’s beer cork. Composed of sterilized agglomerated cork and two natural cork disks, this cork is bounded by FDA approved bonding agent.

Bar Tops

Uses high-quality natural cork with wooden, plastic, or custom tops as a closure for fortified wines, spirits, olive oils, and vinegars. These reusable closures provide an outstanding appearance and consistent sealing performance.

“Rombauer Vineyards has relied on M. A. Silva to deliver high quality and consistently neutral corks for all of its wines. Meticulous attention to detail from the cork forest to the finished cork is evident every time.”

Ritchie Allen
Vice President of Viticulture & Winemaking Rombauer Vineyards

Full Control from Tree to Bottle

Since 2001, TCA levels in cork have decreased by 98% due to extensive testing and quality control.*

Our supply chain is 100% vertically integrated, fully traceable ISO9001 certified.

All cork entering our US facility is scrutinized and tested before it is placed in inventory.

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