Natural Cork

Natural wine corks are preferred for all types of wine, aging periods, and bottle formats. No other natural product offers this combination of visual appeal, neutrality, sustainability, and consistent sealing qualities.


  • Extraction force- 15daN- 45 daN (coated corks only)
  • Sealing ability: no leakage at 1.2 bar
  • Capillarity: <1 mm 


  • MSB240
  • MSN40
  • MSN140


  • Length- 54mm, 49mm, 45mm, 38mm; nominal +/- 1.0mm
  • Diameter- 24mm +/- 0.5mm*
  • Ovalization- <1.0mm
  • *multiple diameters for large bottles available. 


  • Moisture: 4% – 7% 
  • Dimensional recovery: >96%
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