Customization is what makes your cork, bottle, and package unique. Work with our in-house designer to bring your brand to life.

"The quality of the product is always great, but what sets them apart is the quality of service and people at M.A. Silva. There are a lot of quality companies out there, but I choose  M. A. Silva everytime."

Adam Martinez
Firehouse Wine Cellars

Cork Branding


Ink - Laser - Fire

Customize your cork artwork with laser, ink, or fire branding. Customers have the opportunity to choose what branding style best fits their needs. Custom branded corks bring character to your wine bottles and leave you with a memory once the wine is gone. Special color inks are available upon request.

Laser Printing

Ink Branding

Traditional Fire Branding

Beyond the Bottle



M. A. Silva offers customizable packaging, providing increased brand recognition. M. A. Silva’s in-house graphic designer can assist all clients, while offering both PMS and Metallic color matching capabilities. Flexographic and Lithographic printing ensure your boxes are produced properly based on the artwork and color combinations. Boxes are offered in both 6 and 12 pack configurations and can also be customized to include varnish or anti-slip coating for proper transport. Orders are customizable to the nearest full pallet quantity.


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