The Team

M. A. Silva believes our employees are equally a resource to you, as our products are to your wine. We have carefully crafted a group of experts in their fields to assist with any closure or glass questions/needs for your business. Like our technology, our staff is consistently learning and evolving to become the biggest asset to your business, guaranteed.

“M. A. Silva has great people and products, helping me to achieve my stringent goals, in a fun and professional way.” 

Paul Golitzin, Winemaking Director
Quilceda Creek

Neil Foster 2

Neil Foster

President & Co-Founder


Alejandro Pena

Production Manager

Amy Pecoraro 2

Amy Pecoraro

Account Manager

Gustavo Beltran 2

Gustavo Beltran

Vice President of Operations

Kaylee Valenzuela 2

Kaylee Valenzuela

Marketing Manager

Alison Zito Gossage 2

Alison Zito Gossage

Account Manager


Ryan Riewerts

National Sales Manager


Shona Johnson

Accounting Manager

Kim Toy 2

Kimberly Toy

Account Manager

Pamela Stevens 2

Pamela Stevens

Prod & Tech Support Admin

Nathalie Durham 2

Nathalie Durham

Account Manager

Faith Horner 2

Faith Horner

Account Manager


Dan Suarez

Account Manager


Matt Corella

Account Manager

Sue Galvan 2

Sue Galvan

Customer Service


Monica Cox

Customer Service

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