Your Trusted Wine Packaging Partner in the Pacific Northwest

As the leading award-winning manufacturer of the finest premium cork and glass packaging, M. A. Silva is the only partner you need for anything to do with your cork and glass orders.

Your dedicated Pacific Northwest Account Manager, Dan Suarez, is reliable, responsive, and ready to partner with you. He looks forward to working with you on all of your production needs.

Please reach out to Dan to learn more about all of M. A. Silva’s products and to hear how you can save 3% off your first order. We invite you to click the button below to send Dan an email and he’ll gladly follow up with you soon after receiving your note.

Sustainability Is In Our DNA

At M. A. Silva, we work with one of the most extraordinary raw materials on the planet: cork. Cork is completely natural, reusable, and recyclable, proving that the use of cork products contributes to a more sustainable world.

Don't Throw It Out!

M. A. Silva deeply cares about the environment. We hope to reuse the retroviewer you received in the mail. Please don’t throw it away. Call, text, or email Dan and he will be happy to assist you with returning it to us.

Free Reel!

Create a custom reel with photos of your choice. Upload images from the office and share them with colleagues. Or create a reel with images of your family and friends. Click below to create a complimentary reel with photos of your choice. Use the promo code that’s included with the M. A. Silva reels in the envelope at checkout.

Thank you for your interest in our tech sheets. Before you download, please let us know who are.