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43º Congreso Mundial de la Viña y del Vino.

“Our investment in new technology is an investment in our customers. M. A. Silva’s ongoing research and development ensures that our packaging solutions are best in class.”

Neil Foster, President and Co-Founder

About M. A. Silva

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M. A. Silva USA is the leading and award-winning manufacturer of premium corks, glass, and packaging for North American markets. It is our mission to demonstrate impeccable integrity, consistent customer service, and continuously commitment to upholding sustainable and eco-friendly operations.


M. A. Silva's Premium Cork Selection

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Natural Cork 

Preferred for all types of wine, aging periods, and bottle formats. Combination of visual appeal, neutrality, and consistent sealing qualities.


Silktop Technical Cork

A body composed of agglomerated cork granules with a high-quality, natural cork disc at each end.

Micro-Agglomerated Cork

Individually unit molded for uniform distribution of granules. Optimum consistency in structure and neutrality.

Sparkling Cork 

Individually molded composite body meets stringent visual and mechanical standards, creating the highest level of physical integrity.

Bar Tops 

A reusable closure made up of the highest quality natural cork with wooden, plastic, or custom tops.

Our Cleansing Technology Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Commitment to Sustainability

At M. A. Silva we have the privilege of working daily with one of the most extraordinary raw materials on the planet. Cork is completely natural, reusable, and recyclable proving that the use of cork products contributes to a more sustainable world.

A recent study by independent consulting KPMG International found that the carbon footprint of all M. A. Silva cork stoppers is negative. Our customers reduce their carbon footprint, by actively contributing to the sustainability of cork oak forests, enhancing carbon sequestration.

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