Meeting & Exceeding Standards
for Enhanced Natural Cork

“Our investment in new technology is an investment in our customers. M. A. Silva’s ongoing research and development ensures that our packaging solutions are best in class.”

Neil Foster, President and Co-Founder

Certifications & Collaborations

With over 50 years in the cork industry, M. A. Silva has sought out certifications and collaborations with industry leaders, research institutions, and standards organizations. We are always learning, and our technology is constantly evolving to bring you the industry’s leading solutions.

Cork Quality Council

M. A. Silva is a certified member of the Cork Quality Council, a nonprofit organization founded to promote education and improve quality assurance procedures for the wine and cork industries. We adhere to the strict CQC specifications and participate in an annual audit.

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C E LIEGE’s Systecode Excellence

A quality assurance system for the entire cork industry. Our certification ensures that the procedures that have been identified to provide quality cork are being adhered to at every level. 

California Green Business Network

M. A. Silva USA is certified by the California Green Business Network, enabling us to meet a transformative set of environmental standards focusing on water, energy, and waste conservation.

Forest Stewardship Council

Like you, we are constantly focused on environmental stewardship. M. A. Silva Portugal is certified in FSC, a worldwide program for the responsible management of all forests and forest products, including cork.

Industry Expert Collaborations

Never resting on our laurels, M. A. Silva works with industry experts to continuously improve the quality of available cork through our technology. Several key partnerships include:

European Universities

From SARA Advanced® to NeoTech® our industry-leading technologies are the result of years in development with European universities and millions of dollars invested in research.

In-House Specialists

We partner externally with subject matter experts, and we also hire them to become members of our team! The knowledge and access that they bring to our internal organization is invaluable.

What Does this Mean for You?

We want you to have complete confidence when choosing a cork closure for your products. To learn more about what separates good from great, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our in-house experts.

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